About me:
I have worked since 1998 providing Toronto individuals, couples and families with therapy in supportive and confidential environment to address current challenges, long-term issues and crisis situations. I am bi-lingual and can work in English or in Russian. I am also a Member of Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (#525)
You will find that my intuitive approach, based on experience, knowledge and emphasis on family dynamics and the client’s role in its context, both in childhood and in adult life, incorporates various methods, including Humanistic, Client Centered and Cognitive Behavioral, and is individually tailored.
I have an M.A. in teaching and a diploma in psychotherapy (3 years of intensive study and practice with clients, personal therapy/development, co-facilitating groups).
You will benefit from a variety of experiences that enriched me
  • Hatha Yoga philosophy/practice –teaching course
  • Extensive volunteer work with new immigrants
  • Meditation/mindfulness studies. Teaching mediation
  • Developing a Therapy and Personal Insights Program using horses
Like many of you, I love to travel and find it a form of therapy. Living in such countries as Russia, Germany, Canada and the USA, raising children and creating diverse business ventures (classical music and opera agency/production house, a translation and a biotechnological companies) enriched me and made me who I am.
My many interests include music, theatre, literature, photography, latest discoveries in science and psychology, eastern and western medicine, yoga and Buddhism and others. I am also a great believer in giving back to my community, including work for various organizations, in particular, Sick Children’s Hospital, schools, churches, soup kitchens.